The purpose of Peer Mindset is to inspire self-empowerment and peer support in mental health and autism in the UK.  Dev Mindset Community Interest Company originally planned to incorporate Peer Mindset as a Co-operative in 2020 but this was aborted due to such endeavour seeming unlikely for success in the immediate future. However, the dream of launching a Peer Mindset co-operative in the mental health and autism space has not been completely dismissed. A copy of our draft constitution based on the Fair Shares Model can be found here. If we receive significant interest and investment in the future we may try again. Dev Mindset plans to continue to use the Peer Mindset brand in delivering benefit to those who experience disadvantage from mental health challenges and autism.  In the meantime, some resources have been developed and our shared on this website.

Mindset: Mini-Series

Free Resources

Appointment Journal

A worksheet to maintain and analyse appointments with professionals.

CBT Thought Record

A worksheet to apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to personal situations.

Recovery Toolkit

A self-help toolkit using researched frameworks to assist in recovery.

Plain for printing.

Digitally editable

Smart Goals

A worksheet to develop and accomplish personal goals.


Occasionally competitions have been held to win our branded merchandise. We plan to donate further merchandise in the future.